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5 Tips to Help You Build The Right Team For Your Small Business

Hiring the right team for your business is vital to the health of your company- However, there is a challenge. What exactly is that challenge? Building a team that you are confident and comfortable working with. Building the right team can be a lengthy process but with the right techniques, you can hire the team you need to succeed. With 20-plus years of experience in building successful teams, I have gathered that the best teams are the ones that have people who are good at what they do and are all in alignment with the larger project goals.

How do you build a team? What do you look for when building a team? How do you define a good team? The majority of answers to that question will include effective communication, high productivity, diverse personalities, creative ideas, workplace collaboration, and trusting relationships. Hiring the right team for your business is vital to the health of your company.  

However, the challenge lies in building a team that you are confident and comfortable working with. Building the right team for your business can be a lengthy process but with the right techniques, you can hire the team you need to succeed. With 20-plus years of experience in building successful teams, the best teams are the ones that have people who are good at what they do and are all in alignment with the larger project goals. The best approach to building the perfect team for your company is to find people that fit your business’s needs and exceed expectations. Here is what you can do to add effective team members to your staff. 

1. Don’t Rush The Hiring Process   

The process of hiring the best talent normally starts before the interview. One effective approach used by most successful organizations is identifying potentially qualified candidates before you’re ready to start your interviewing process by systematically evaluating resumes obtained from career sites, colleges, recruiters, and employee referrals. The benefit of this approach is that it streamlines and increases the efficiency of your entire recruiting process significantly. 

Taking time to find the right people is so important. Get to know your top talent candidates. Establish what they want, their goals, needs, and their expectations, and see how this aligns with your business goals.  


2. Eliminate Pre-Conceived Notions on What  Proper Experience Is or Should Be 

Sometimes experience doesn’t showcase a better performer. People with less experience have an eagerness to learn and the ability to adapt to new circumstances and situations. There is no evidence supporting the idea that candidates with more experience are better performers. Of course, this differs from industry and particular jobs, but those with less experience often work harder and go further because of their ability to pick up new things.   

From the experience of hiring many people to fit the standards needed to make a business successful, less qualified candidates were more eager to learn, adapted quickly to their surroundings, weren’t know-it-alls, took criticism better, and created high-quality work that exceeded expectations because it was easier to shape business standards and expectations in them. 

3. Have Clear Communication From the Beginning  

Clear communication allows your candidate to not question their role, your company, your goals, or your expectations and standards. It allows the tasks you need to be finished, to be completed to the standards you want them to be done by. Being straightforward and giving clear instructions is so important to any work process. The worst thing to do, when hiring a team is to make assumptions about what each team member thinks you expect of them. Your team can’t read your mind and can’t know what is expected of them if they aren’t told.    

Always know what is going on with your team. Try to keep your relationships with staff as open and honest as possible. Set your expectations before the candidate takes the job and before tasks are completed. The more open you are from the beginning, the more likely you will like the outcome of the relationship you create between you and your team members. Your team is the driving force behind your business, you have to talk to them openly and freely for success to be made. 


4. Motivate & Respect Your Team Members

Motivate those around you to keep going and to be better than yesterday. Praising your team and acknowledging hard work and effort will increase productivity and performance. Respecting those who work for you is human decency but also professionally crucial to the success you make. Respect towards your team leads to more efficiency and effectiveness during their work process. This will result in accomplishing important business goals and establishing that competitive edge that we all yearn for.  

Always take responsibility for challenges happening in your small business, and give the deserved praise to team members for their contribution. Have regard for their feelings, ideas, and circumstances, this will lead to better achievements to be made and keep your team feeling appreciated and secure in their position. 

5. Prioritize Your Work Environment & Culture

When looking for a job people often have a list of what they want, need, and expect from a potential employer- A good salary, benefits, good work location, and a positive work environment are usually some things on their list.   

How comfortable is your team in their work environment? How comfortable are they with each other? What are your team’s collaborative efforts? Do they collaborate well with one another?  Do they have the right resources to complete their tasks and projects? Making sure you help aid in the creation of work relationships is important for team building. Teams need an environment that isn’t uneasy. They need to know what to do, how to do it, and recognize that they aren’t alone in the process. Team building helps establish proper work relationships that in itself, create a more harmonious environment to work in.- An environment that is positive and motivating.    

A positive work environment is simply a workspace that promotes employee wellbeing, safety, growth, and performance. It pushes for good collaboration efforts, positive work relationships, and the overall happiness of the employee. This type of environment is usually established by the higher-ups or leadership of a company. When a good work environment is formed, employees feel a greater appreciation for the company they work for.- They get excited about work and when your team is happy with their work conditions there is no hostility, judgment, or selfishness. Establishing a positive work environment is essential to every business’s success. The reason for this is that when employees feel a part of a community that works together to reach their goals, they want to work harder, they want to be better employees, and they want to produce quality work.  

Teams want to feel like they are heard, appreciated, and valued. Having an environment that reflects positivity and collaborative growth will produce better results and outcomes for business goals. People who love their job will go out of their way to perform for their company. When your employee is satisfied, the sky’s the limit to their capabilities, quality of work, and productivity.  

The importance of finding the right people for a small business is pivotal to your current and future success. You can’t rush this process but trying to find the ‘perfect’ candidate for your team can be proven difficult without the proper channels and techniques. Understand that not every experienced candidate is going to be what you need to succeed and not every unqualified or inexperienced candidate is restricted to what they don’t know or haven’t done yet. Sometimes you need someone completely different from the norm or your expectations. Give the right people a chance because more times than not, they end up being your company’s ticket to success. The unexpected wild card out of the deck always wins the game. 

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