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5 Things You Need To Do BEFORE Entering The Tech Industry

Tech seems to be the most sought industry for workforce newcomers and seasoned business professionals. The tech industry has always been based on innovation and creativity. Nothing is ever stagnant and that’s the appeal. Having the right tactics to lead your start in the industry will give you a competitive edge and a more focused outlook on what’s to come.

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6 Lifestyle Tips For Software Developers

Optimizing your lifestyle is an occurrence that every working adult tries to accomplish. Figuring out the work-life balance you need is pivotal to mental health but isn’t as easily accessible to everyone. Working in the tech industry, work culture is a critical factor in the work process.

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Current Tech Industry Changes Your Workplace Should Think About Implementing

Current industry trends have set the tone for the workforce. Working people have different expectations now than they did in the past. The new generation of working people needs and wants different things.

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The Three Constraints of Software Development

The three constraints of software development are the essential elements of this process. They dictate what is needed and what should be prioritized during software development and project management.

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Why Software Developers Are Weird

When you hear the statement “software developers are weird”, what do you think? Is this true or a stereotype?